Why are the Women in the Columbus, Georgia so confident?!
They're boldly stepping out of their comfort zones to embrace self-love and acceptance! Discover why women in your community and across the globe are choosing to break barriers and embark on empowering boudoir photo shoots of their own. 
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  • "What an amazing experience!! Jess made me feel beautiful and sexy while creating a completely comfortable atmosphere. My album was perfect and definitely gave me a huge boost of my self image!" -Mandy
  • Never thought I would have the confidence to do a shoot like this and it felt AMAZING! Jess knew just how to make me feel like I was worth something and I walked out of there that day with more confidence than I ever thought possible! -Lauren
  • ​" I'm so happy I finally had the courage to book a session with you. Thank you for taking these photos and giving me more confidence in myself and my body.” -Jessica
  • ​“I’m so glad I did this! I was hesitant and felt I needed to lose weight or some other lame excuse.” -Stephani
Natural to Knock Out
Natural to Knock Out
Natural to Knock Out
The Photographer: Jess Jones
What's a session like?
Hi! My name is Jess Jones and I own Jess Jones Boudoir, Columbus, Georgia’s premier boudoir photography studio.

When you enter my studio, you'll be pampered with a professional makeover! You'll receive expert pose guidance from me so you look and feel confident. You will get to see your stunning photos on the same day and step out the door on cloud 9! You've got this! 💥

Empowering women and fostering their confidence is my life's mission! I've been blessed with this incredible talent for photography, which I wholeheartedly embrace as a powerful instrument to showcase the beauty of women. Every single day, I am grateful for the opportunity to empower and uplift these amazing individuals! 

Every my studio admits to feeling nervous and doubting the outcome of their photos. But you know what? Once the session begins, their nerves fade away, replaced by an overwhelming sense of empowerment as they witness the stunning woman I capture through the lens. When they leave, they radiate confidence, feeling like they own the world!

Experience a professional makeover, expert pose guidance so you look a feel confident, see your photos on the same day and walk out the door on cloud 9!

I’m a lover of antiques, astrology, travel and green couches! 
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