Why are the Women in the Columbus, Georgia so confident?!
Because they’re stepping outside of their comfort zones and learning to love themselves for who they are! Find out why women in your community and all over the world are opting out of their comfort zones and into experiencing their very own boudoir photo shoot!
  • "What an amazing experience!! Jess made me feel beautiful and sexy while creating a completely comfortable atmosphere. My album was perfect and definitely gave me a huge boost of my self image!" -Mandy
  • Never thought I would have the confidence to do a shoot like this and it felt AMAZING! Jess knew just how to make me feel like I was worth something and I walked out of there that day with more confidence than I ever thought possible! -Lauren
  • ​" I'm so happy I finally had the courage to book a session with you. Thank you for taking these photos and giving me more confidence in myself and my body.” -Jessica
  • ​“I’m so glad I did this! I was hesitant and felt I needed to lose weight or some other lame excuse.” -Stephani
Natural to Knock Out
Natural to Knock Out
Natural to Knock Out
About The Photographer
Meet Jess Jones!
Hi! My name is Jess Jones and I own Jess Jones Boudoir, Columbus, Georgia’s premier boudoir photography studio.

Through a passion for photography and a desire to help women discover their inner and outer beauty, I have cultivated a strong business presence helping women in Georgia and beyond to truly believe in their beauty. 

Things change. We get older, have kids, bodies change, relationships come and go. All these things can have an impact on our self-esteem, our confidence. Inner sparks get burnt out. Boudoir portraits can ignite fires in you that you forgot that you ever had.

Empowering women and building their confidence is my mission. I’ve been given this photography talent and being able to use it as a tool to show women how beautiful they are is something I am grateful for every day.

Every woman that comes into my studio says they were nervous and didn’t think the photos would turn out, but guess what? During the session, their nerves melt away, they feel confident in the woman that I show them on the back of the camera. They walk out feeling like they’re on top of the world.

I’m saying all this because I want you guys to understand my passion for this art. Boudoir is a special thing that can commemorate milestones in your life as a woman. You deserve it. Don’t let anyone tell you differently.
Start your confidence journey with me.

I’m a lover of antiques, astrology, travel and green couches! 
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